Advanced Resizing Techniques

If you need your images to be a certain height or width, you can create a custom profile

Max  Width and Max Height

These are the target width and height for the resized image. Because FreeSizer will always use a proper aspect ratio, these values are not absolute. FreeSizer will automatically calculate the proper aspect ratio and use the values that are nearest to your desired image size.

In this example, a 2100x1500 photo would be resized to 1000x714.

Enforce Width or Height

You can choose to enforce either the Width or the Height, which will cause FreeSizer to strictly enforce the specified value and ignore the other one.

To do this, enter the desired value for the Height (or Width) and then enter "0" for the other value.


In this example, the Width of your image(s) will always be 800 pixel and the height will be adjusted automatically.

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