Getting Started

Add your images

Simply drag and drop one or more JPG  images from Windows Explorer onto the FreeSizer interface.

You can add images from multiple folder locations!

Choose a resizing profile

FreeSizer will display the current size and dimensions for each image.

FreeSizer comes pre-configured for popular uses, if you want to resize images to send them be email, use the "E-mail" profile, to optimize for Facebook (or similar sites), use the "Social Networks" settings... etc.

Based on the profile you selected, FreeSizer will calculate the estimated file size of the resized image. This number is an estimate and the actual size will vary.

Note: If you are adding a large number of images, you can turn off file size estimation for faster performance.

Preview (optional)

You can  double-click on any image in the list to view a preview of the resized version

Start Resizing

FreeSizer will start to resize your images. This may take only a few seconds but could take longer if you are resizing

a large number of images.

By default, your resized images are saved to the same folder as the originals.

They will have  _resized    appended to their original file name (see screenshot below)

You can also save resized images to a different folder and customize the file renaming.

Refer to the settings dialog to change these options.

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