Program Settings

Append ...

By default, the resized copies of your images are saved with the postfix "_resized"

Example: "IMG_1234.jpg" will be saved as "IMG_1234_resized.jpg"

Save to:

Your resized images can be saved to the same folder as the originals (default) or you can save them to

a different folder.

Keep original file date

By default, FreeSizer maintains the original "Modified" and "Created" dates for the file. You can change this by unchecking the box.

Custom Profile settings

Read this topic for detailed information

Minimize to tray

FreeSizer will minimize itself to a tray icon if checked

Do not estimate new size

When you add images to the queue, FreeSizer will automatically calculate their new dimensions and file size based on the profile settings you selected. If you are adding a lot of images, this may take some time.

You can turn this feature off by unchecking this box.

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